Livingston River of Life Equipping Station is designed as a community outreach for the Lake Livingston and surrounding area.

We offer a wide range of topics here at the station, both faith-based and community oriented. Over the last few years we've discovered that there is a long list of people in the surrounding area hungry to know more about Jesus and the Kingdom lifestyle we are called to walk. We just finished a special month-long River session discovering who we are and it was amazing! There is such hunger for more of God's wisdom, word, and worship.

Some of the same classes taught at the River of Life Women's Life Skills Training Center will be offered, but not in the format of a 12-week program, while many new ones are being added. This isn't just for women anymore!

Anyone who is interested in growing, changing, stretching and learning is welcome to attend offered classes. Check out our Calendar page and see what's up for the current month. If you see a class, or maybe even two, that interest you, please come. Be a part of learning, growing, and changing from the inside out.
You CAN be a stronger you. We want to help!
Sponsors will be listed on our brochures,
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